A new way to communicate

Use Ajooweb to communicate with friends, an alternative way to stay in touch with your community, you can chat and send files, (text, videos, photos and more) and create your discussion groups.
Why are we unique? You will have the opportunity to be rewarded when you use the app wherever you are in the world to communicate with your contacts.

Send and receive

An alternative way to communicate with your contacts, you will be rewarded every time you send a message,
it will be enough to communicate as you usually do (by sending messages) to generate new credits, and you
can also receive additional additional credits for each message sent by your friends (Register with your
invitation) wherever they are in the world.


Text message, communicate with your friends


Credits Anda to your personal wallet

For the first time, a messaging app rewards you for communicating, you can accumulate Anda credits in your
wallet and you will have the opportunity to use them to travel around the world or with the Island profile you can convert them and withdraw them with a bank transfer request.

✓ Stay in contact

Send texts, photos, videos and more.

✓ Send messages

Send messages to your

✓ Stickers and GIFs

Communicate in an original,
playful and expressive way.

✓ Create community

Create and manage
conversations with other

An alternative way to communicate with your contacts

✓ Generate credits

For each message sent
you will be able to generate
Anda credits.

✓ Your contacts

Your contacts will also be able to generate Anda credits.

✓ Your App

You can download it for
free from the Play Store.

✓ To travel

You will be able to travel
all over the world with
accumulated credits.

Invite your friends

Invite your friends to Ajooweb, after downloading the App and activating a profile (with the invitation received) you can generate new credits every time your friends use them to communicate.
You can download the App for free and use it
to communicate anywhere in the world, to generate the credits you will have to register in Ajooweb.

Make your dreams fly

Probably for the first time an opportunity like this presents itself, use the Ajooweb app to communicate and you can travel around the world with the accumulated credits. Download the app from Google Play, register on Ajooweb with the invitation of another member of the community and start chatting to find out about this opportunity. Invite your contacts to use Ajooweb and you can all earn Anda credits daily, you will have a maximum daily ceiling for the credits that you can receive from messages sent personally while you will  not have limits for those that you can receive from your community.

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