The idea

It all started a few years ago from the idea of the founder of the project, a visionary traveler who wanted to pursue an unimaginable challenge among so many difficulties, to arrive until today and be able to see an extraordinary dream come true. Anyone can finally travel without limits anywhere in the world with the help of digital technologies and the disruptive power of sharing a crazy idea.


It is our main tool (virtual office) that allows our travelers to
manage their daily activities and at the same time offers the
possibility of creating a virtual wallet where they can manage
Anda credits, our virtual currency that will allow you together
with the Ajooweb Travel Card to make your favorite travelrelated

The community of travelers

Wherever you are in the world you can form your community

The community is our family, a family that contributes daily to make the project a constantly evolving laboratory with the participation of all absorbing new ideas that can make a strong contribution to the growth of the same community, but we are vigilant and involved also on other issues dear to us, such as environmental ones where we offer our active contribution by participating in private initiatives and raising awareness among those who are still very distracted by these issues.

What we do

If you love traveling and you also care about environmental issues, join us

With Ajooweb a new idea is born to allow anyone who desires to benefit from this opportunity, to travel without limits and without distinction of age, country, religion or culture, for the first time in every corner of the planet you can travel without the use of your own money.
With the most common devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones, every person can interact with our platform and receive numerous benefits for traveling around the world. In addition to travel and technology we are very sensitive to environmental issues, join the community to make a contribution to our planet that every day suffers our repeated violence.


Travel in an alternative way, discover how you too can travel around the world


With the SpaceOffice you will have
numerous digital tools and services to
manage your activities.


We are sensitive to environmental issues,
so we also ask for your contribution to
saving our seas

Keep discovering the idea