A different holiday

A different holiday

I was lucky enough to visit beautiful places in the world, not all of them that I wanted, but I hope to do so in the near future even with the help of Ajooweb.

But I would like to share my experience of a long stay in Tuscany in summer 2019. There are fantastic places in Italy and it is right that they are known even if they are difficult to find or if it is difficult to understand a priori the wonderful experiences that can be made.

Location Montaione, a resort in the wildest Tuscany but 30 km from Florence, 40 from Pisa, 15 da Vinci, the town where Leonardo Da Vinci was born. To get there you have to tackle a dirt road and after a bend the gate opens and the road begins at which cypress and oak edges accompany the part of the ancient building.

Large maritime pines stand as guardians shading the space, one to the right and one to the left of the main building, which before being restored housed cellars, today a dining room with an ancient fireplace and a deep internal well that probably served as a water supply, which fortunately now flows from the taps.

The sound of the wind

The first thing you notice is the absence of internet connection and telephone coverage, the only companions (luckily) are the squirrels, the roe deer, some cats, some boars with whom I have fought for fruit, not without some worries.

After 50 years I was able to relive the experience of eating the fruit harvested from the tree, and I realized how much luck I had to grow with my grandparents, where this represented everyday life. The taste and energy of this fruit have nothing to do with the one purchased.

Few guests all foreigners, mainly Dutch, German, French, no Italian. But the space is so large that we met very few in the pool, or in the evening in front of the 600 oven for a homemade pizza and a greeting.

But there is no time to make friends because the stay rarely lasts more than a week, too little to let go of the stress, I stayed for two months and I was able to change skin and feel the most disparate emotions, loneliness, joy, peace, sadness, love .

I started to hear the sound of the wind in the leaves, instead of the speeding of cars, the gnawing of squirrels raiding hazelnuts to prepare for winter, the only future owners of the resort because it closed from the end of October until the following spring. The noise of the old walls that kept the rooms cool despite the incredible heat, and kept the heat at the first change of season.

I focus on nature

The encounters, for me not too welcome, of a wild boar family, with a wild boar mother who started to grunt menacingly to protect her offspring, obviously at dusk or in the dark of the moon, even more disturbing. But also of a nice badger in search of the plums fallen from the tree, of squirrels always in activity to raid the hazelnuts, and to a family of sweet roe deer. Snakes? Someone. Insects? Lots.

Olive trees everywhere and wild aromatic herbs, which I took home to use during the reverse. A plunge into the past, into silence, into the solitude that is the fullness of the soul, but all very close to Florence, Pisa, Lucca and San Gimignano.

All places I visited but not last summer, I wanted to stay in that ancient and magical place.

Alone to savor this nature and the great healing power of the trees under which I stood, large maritime pines, holm oaks, oaks, olive trees, ever-present cypresses and linden trees. The contact with the most uncontaminated nature rejuvenates you, heals you puts you back in the world.

There is no need sometimes to cross the ocean, near the house there are fantastic places. But if on the other side of the world someone wants to come to Italy, he can find not only art and science, but also the most true and living nature.

local specialties, the typical ones, I ate the strangest and most unlikely things, all good but not easily reproducible, due to ingredients and preparation difficulties.

But in Italy the food is fantastic and above all the typical and peasant food is also easy to do.

An ancient and magical place

I learned to do it, and I enjoyed teaching it to the Germans and the Dutch, the panzanella. I want to teach you too:

Tuscan bread (without salt) stale wet with water and vinegar and squeezed to make it grainy to which are added tomatoes without seeds, cucumbers, red onions soaked in vinegar and drained, basil leaves, all seasoned with olive oil Tuscan, salt and vinegar.

A peasant dish that accompanied me in the summer and that I consumed under a lime tree that protected my dreams as a child with its foliage.

I left that place by thanking him knowing that I would never come back, strange but it is so, why?

Because in life you have to go ahead and not look back, look for new places and new experiences, keep the riches they gave us in their hearts, possess only the emotions they brought us, a few photos to testify to what we lived. What picture did I take? Trees, flowers, fruit, animals, sky, the moon.

Mythical Tuscany, fantastic Italy !!!!!!!

Grazia Garfi

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