A great Love

A great love

How many times do we happen to open social networks or simply close our eyes and select our next destination? Too many, countless and often supported by the usual conclusions to which we often have to surrender. The we cannot afford it, even if it were, how can we reach our own goal and again, will I be able to overcome the various adversities? Questions that took part in my first trip to an apparently unknown territory but that over time turned out to be my second home, a real tattoo engraved on the skin for the rest of my existence.

The city in question is Lublin, a small territory of 348,563 inhabitants, located in eastern Poland. An experience born a little by chance, to temporarily “calm” my thirst for travel and to abandon for a certain period of time everything that represents and has represented my childhood, my adolescence, my Life. Finally that fateful September 24th arrived together with the desire to fix and close that long-awaited suitcase.

A day to remember, accompanied by an orchestra capable of reproducing the various emotions of the moment. The anxieties and different worries have plunged into that icy climate, so timely to catapult me ​​into the banner of the new reality, so skilled at welcoming me and having everything for myself in the next six months.

My adventure found it hard to take off for all those premises and for the countless inconveniences that developed over the first two weeks of my stay. Difficult days that always had an answer to my questions, corresponding daily to my desire to drop everything and return to my usual routine. And it is precisely at that precise moment, in that moment in which it seemed to go infinitely badly that I found those initial motivations that were never so trivial and decisive to better understand that that was the right path.

Long days spent wondering about the near future and what would substantially characterize that magical adventure from there in a short time. I would dare to define a grotesque picture, to which was initially added a virtual friend, so special as to take care of and listen without batting an eyelid at the thousand emotions, the problems and the various accidents along the way. I speak of the multimedia fountain “Lithuanian Square”, located in the heart of the city.

The adjective “multimedia” because it is crossed by the different symphonies accompanied by the various “jets of water” similar to small waterfalls and by the different colors to which the inhabitants of the same city often abandon themselves.

In short, a meeting point, capable of receiving, heartening and transmitting to the most faithful, those messages full of positivity, which often struggle to emerge but which, when they expand, make the difference.

Lublin was not solely and exclusively a test of myself and fully experimenting with what are my limits but it has struck, impressed and reached the hearts of many, for its beauty, its museums, its typical cuisine and its own inhabitants, apparently so far from our way of thinking and objectively so distant but stubborn in taking you by the hand and transporting you to their reality, becoming a real member, a paladin of their city.

Knowing how to travel constantly presupposes the desire to experience oneself, new horizons, embrace new worlds and new cultures. And it is precisely in this text space that I believe it is necessary to place the culinary art. A kitchen with a thousand aromas, a thousand flavors and countless quantities of spices present in every single dish.

I remember with a pinch of nostalgia my beloved “pierogi”, small pasta patties with different shades and various traditional chicken dishes. I speak of memories because I was lucky enough to come across people, now become integral parts of my life, with whom I have often shared tables in the most unthinkable restaurants, excursions to neighboring countries, evenings developed at the so-called “Dom Kultury”, “Helium Club “,” El Cubano “where we gathered to not think about the usual university habits and to spend those small but warm moments of healthy carefree.

 Lublin was also this, a city for both children and older people, eager to spend their days with long but valid walks in the “Plat Litewski”, temple of some selfies and to remember, rediscover those historical beauties gathered in the Castle and in the Royal Tower.

It was these little pieces of history that decreed the end of that dream, so intense but so short in reminding me that that magic had come to an end. I still remember the moments, minutes, hours and details of that night. I continually think of myself, the evening of my “see you soon”. The aforementioned Helium as a background, witness to the tears shed and hopelessly unbroken in the moment of the last but warm hugs with the people I love and that I will probably love forever.

An exciting scene, so difficult to tell for the feelings, links that have occurred over the months. The taxi that delivers me to the station and that has probably unconsciously felt the need to retrace those long sections of my incredible experience, a Lublin completely surrounded by the lights of the street lamps and the shape of a castle visible for the luminary power expressed by the moon.

A journey that, as they say in love, has made an impression. Well yes, I can confirm it. At that precise moment, it was not a farewell but a simple and short goodbye for a new phase of my life.                                                                                               

Andrea Sanna

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