A new idea for traveling

A new idea for traveling

We were born to offer anyone who wants the opportunity to travel, with an alternative idea you can reach any destination in every
corner of the earth with the use of spaceOffice, our platform.
In the age of sharing, in the last few years we have all contributed with texts, videos and photos to enrich large international groups
and web giants.

With our idea and the presentation of the platform we have evaluated and decided that it was the right moment to share the
benefits with all those who participating and sharing offered a contribution to the community to make the realization of a dream

With the birth of Ajooweb we wanted to dedicate a space to all those who love to travel, our passion and the passion of millions of
people all over the world to see that what for many has always been the greatest desire is realized.

Sharing is part of our daily life, from the ever-growing
social media channels to new platforms that offer
various opportunities, we are among them, we are in
a segment that occupies an important space and we
contribute by offering various solutions to all the
people who love to travel .

New resources

In these 14 months we have offered numerous resources and among the latest innovations presented are located within the SpaceOffice My Stories, My Shots and My Videos, important resources available to our fellow travelers to build a solid base for a journey that will lead our friends towards what is the greatest desire, traveling without limits.

Sharing with Ajooweb will always be different, because we distinguish ourselves from others, in fact for every sharing that
will take place on our platform you will be able to benefit from the Bonuses, you will be able to generate “Anda” credits,
our virtual currency.

You will travel by sharing and sharing you will travel

An alternative idea for traveling

TProbably you have also often shared content in the various social channels and platforms, for the first time you will be able to do it with important, extraordinary advantages. With an idea that can change forever the way you travel, share a shot, a video or tell the story of your travels will offer you the opportunity to travel around the world without limits.

If you have shared with us for free, you will have the opportunity to share to travel, you can do so using the Anda credits you will receive for each individual share.  You can use them for your travel-related purchases and you can use them all over the world, you will not need a credit / debit card or other digital coins, you will not need PayPal or Bitcoin but only Anda that you can generate daily using the SpaceOffice.

Without using money

TIt is the characteristic that makes us unique more than any other, an idea for traveling without using money might seem to those who follow us for the first time a joke, a bluff, but it is all true, anyone can immediately see and personally verify , anyone can travel with Ajooweb and its international trusted partners. Sharing videos, stories and photos will become more and more an important action for you too, sharing will take you very
Where is it?
You decide which plane ticket to buy or the hotel to book.
Using only accumulated Anda credits is a new alternative to money, with Anda credits and our Travel Card you can buy airline tickets for national and international destinations, book hotels in any city in the world, rent a car or book your favorite cruise, all this you can do at any time and wherever you are without limits.

Your Travel Card

Start sharing right away

To start your journey simply register for free on the platform,
and immediately you can share from your virtual office, you can send photos, stories and videos of your travels and immediately after being verified by our editorial staff they will be published in our Blog and social channels.
In addition to the credits that you will receive in your virtual wallet for each share, you will be able to receive new visits from travelers of our community, they will also be able to follow your social channels and if you also have your own blog as a traveler.

The idea for everyone and everyone

If you are a regular traveler you will be able to save money for future trips, you will no longer have to use money, if you are a businessman and you usually travel for work, you can have your own portfolio from where to draw for your next trips, if you do not travel why not you can afford it, you can finally travel too, instead if you are a blogger you can reach other goals by
traveling with a new idea that can take you where you haven’t been around the world.

Traveling helps you grow, traveling enriches the mind, traveling helps you live a better life.

Carlos B.
Ajooweb team

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