If you have a blog or a travel website you can apply by writing to our team to expose one of our advertising banners and receive a reward monthly.
You can choose among our Banners the most suitable one for you and place it wherever you want it. You don’t have a contractual obligation and you can interrupt the collaboration at any time.


You will receive a reward after each month the banner was visible on your website.The amount may vary depending on where you placed it and the size of banner you chose, in addition to your
personal profile in Ajooweb. You will receive our Anda credit bonus in your e-wallet and can use them exclusively for your travels with Ajooweb.
You can choose your preferred language and the size of the Banner, you can place it on the homepage or on other pages of your website or Blog.Choose your Banner
In case of interruption of the promotion, a notification is appreciated, you can write to highlighting the last date of the display of the advertising banner. We remind you that both parties (Ajooweb and applicant) may terminate the collaboration relationship relating to the promotion of advertising banners at any time.


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How will you be able to use advertising banners?
You will have two distinct possibilities to promote our banners, in the first case you will be free to use it to promote your referral link, while to receive Anda credits, you will have to place it on your own personal blog / site and only after our eligibility check will you be able to start earning credits monthly. (You will need to send us the address of your site / blog to be authorized for use)
How much will you earn?
*To receive the credits regularly, the Banner must be displayed on the site / Blog for the entire duration of the month, in the event that it is not exposed even for a single day during the month, you will not be awarded the Anda credits reward .
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Monthly rewards

With the positioning of our Banners you will have the opportunity to earn Anda credits monthly and use them for i your favorite trips, you will have the possibility to choose your personal profile to receive a higher number of credits every month. With BASIC I brought up to 108 Anda a year, with ADVENTURE 144 and with ISLAND you can get up to 300 Anda per year

The fee will be credited to the wallet monthly.

The table indicates the rate for positioning on the Home page, choosing the placement in another page of your website or blog you will receive 50% of the indicated amount.