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A different holiday

A different holiday I was lucky enough to visit beautiful places in the world, not all of them that I wanted, but I hope to do...

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Deep Sweep

Deep Sweep Being A Dive guide since 15 years i love underwater life, its like another planet, full of beautiful colors and...

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Cala Goloritzè (Italy)

Cala Goloritzè (Italy) The day begins on the Golgo plateau, in the Supramonte of Baunei and more precisely in the parking area...

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Tell us about your experience

A new idea for traveling

A new idea for traveling We were born to offer anyone who wants the opportunity to travel, with an alternative idea you can reach any destination in everycorner of the earth with the use of spaceOffice, our platform.In the age of sharing, in the last few years we have...

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The soul of Incredible India

The soul of Incredible India Five best places to visit in Odisha Rajhans island  – A three hour drive from the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar, took me to Satpada,which is a small village situated near the Sea mouth Of Chilika lake in Odisha. Then in one and a...

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My days in New York

The first days in New York DAY 1 – h. 8:45When I heard the small red AirBerlin aircraft rise abruptly (… but on time, which calmed us a lot, because the fact that itwas a propeller plane had put us in a bit of anxiety!) I finally realized: OUR GREAT...

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Living in Africa

The future of the Earth is in our hands In recent years I have traveled a lot, deciding to live in Africa.I visited many places in Africa, realizing a dream I had for a long time; to see a country that has always fascinated me.But some I haven’t just visited...

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The future of the Earth

The future of the Earth is in our hands A man builds a plastic boat and uses it to recover waste thrown into the sea, this news was shared by hundreds of users on the web.With a virtual tam-tam the action bounces from one place to another, from one person to another,...

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Is free travel a dream?

Is free travel a dream? What does every traveler really want? Travel for free, what questions. The question is another and not only because it is a question of lowering a desire in practical reality: to obtain different results we need to look at it with different...

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Traveling changes mind

Traveling changes mind (and life!) How many times have you had a problem in your hands and don’t know how to solve it? Think and think again, give up everything and go for a walk. Don’t think about it anymore, at least for a moment. Then, as you walk, here...

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