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Hiroshima’s pride

Hiroshima’s pride Hiroshima city.A particular place in southern Japan, to visit, however, preparing yourself emotionally...

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The way of the gods

The way of the gods Bologna – Florence 2019 Sitting in a pub drinking beer on a Friday evening at the end of August, a...

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Tell us about your experience

Seoul, gateway to the Orient

Seoul, gateway to the Orient I arrived in Seoul (capital of South Korea) on a winter morning, when the news of the coronavirus was still limited to Chinaand South Korea was just beginning to fear contagion.While we Westerners were amazed to see so many people wearing...

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My trip in Warsaw

My trip in Warsaw Hello! My name is Natali, I love to travel, photograph and share my experiences. In this post I would like to tell you about my trip toWarsaw, the capital of Poland. The first thing that surprised me about this city was the Christmas air, although it...

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Everybody at home! (Act Now!)

Everybody at home! (Act Now!) And here we are observing a unique moment never experienced before in history. Of those who say that you are stunned, by the consequent medical bulletins, and the repeated government decrees, is an understatement. But once again, the...

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