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My trip in Warsaw

My trip in Warsaw Hello! My name is Natali, I love to travel, photograph and share my experiences. In this post I would like to...

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A great Love

A great love How many times do we happen to open social networks or simply close our eyes and select our next destination? Too many, countless and often supported by the usual conclusions to which we often have to surrender. The we cannot afford it, even if it were,...

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Malta When I decided to start this new path, worries and fears crowded my mind … Would I have been up to the situation? Would I have bravely faced change? It was the year 2016, on April 10 I decided to close my bags and to reach that small island in the south of...

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A story of blue skies

A story of blue skies I used to live in a small city in the Veneto Region, a region that has one of the highest levels of air pollution in Europe. On the television they speak of smog derived from car transport… but they rarely speak of other causes. In the...

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