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Travel to Berlin

Travel to Berlin Berlin is an incredible city, whether you like it or not, it certainly does not leave you indifferent. The...

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African fragments

African fragments The hot air, swollen with moisture, fills my lungs. It is dense and heavy. It is like swallowing water knowing...

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Ollantaytambo (Peru)

Ollantaytambo (Peru) Near the town of Cuzco (or Cusco), there is a very important archaeological site, and whose name is due to...

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Tell us about your experience

A different holiday

A different holiday I was lucky enough to visit beautiful places in the world, not all of them that I wanted, but I hope to do so in the near future even with the help of Ajooweb. But I would like to share my experience of a long stay in Tuscany in summer 2019. There...

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Deep Sweep

Deep Sweep Being A Dive guide since 15 years i love underwater life, its like another planet, full of beautiful colors and amazing creatures. Diving in Hurghada is a fantastic experience, the Red Sea is full of life and the dive sites are many and suitable for...

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Cala Goloritzè (Italy)

Cala Goloritzè (Italy) The day begins on the Golgo plateau, in the Supramonte of Baunei and more precisely in the parking area “Su Porteddu”. At the beginning of the path that leads to the beach of Cala Goloritzè (Sardinia) there is a ticket office, where...

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