Cala Goloritzè (Italy)

Cala Goloritzè (Italy)

The day begins on the Golgo plateau, in the Supramonte of Baunei and more precisely in the parking area “Su Porteddu”. At the beginning of the path that leads to the beach of Cala Goloritzè (Sardinia) there is a ticket office, where the guide shows us what the route and its criticalities will be. Before entering the path you pay a € 6 ticket per person also because the beach of Cala Goloritzè is limited (about 350 people).

 Well equipped with water and fresh fruit we begin the journey. Let’s go !! Initially we walk about 800 meters uphill which we do with a brisk and decisive step, as if we were skilled and experienced hikers, then the descent of about 2.5 km begins. The path is well indicated so you can’t miss the path.

 Along the way we see donkeys, goats, but above all wonderful landscapes where the Mediterranean scrub is the host: lentisks, holm oaks, strawberry trees, rocks, stones, dirt roads, roots and a scent of uncontaminated nature characterize the path.

The desire to arrive

The main effort is constantly having to “brake” but, apart from a few photos, we never stop. Such is the desire to arrive. Along the path we meet a couple of boys who constantly imitates the bleating of goats that we gradually meet: he is wearing a shirt (completely soaked), she is an elegant dress !

 As we go down the sun starts to get warmer and the vegetation, which previously sheltered us, seems almost to thin out. In the distance you can see the needlefish of Monte Caroddi that emerges imperiously from the rich vegetation and, in depth, a blue sea of ​​different shades, enchanting. The fatigue grows, the difference in height we travel is a lot: in 2.5 km of walk, in fact, we go down about 500 meters.

 After 1 hour and 10 minutes, here we are finally arrived! In a moment the tiredness fades away, giving way to smiles, satisfaction and amazement: how wonderful! In front of us an extraordinary panorama presents itself: the promontory with its vegetation reaches overhanging the sea, a white beach with limestone karst rocks that are lost in the crystal clear water, boats, in the distance, that frame this lovely living picture.


We take photos to capture this moment and, to get to the beach, we go down a rather steep and narrow natural staircase that has a wooden fence as a handrail.

Arrived!  No need to talk: let’s look and look at the panorama because it is really the essence of our day. There are so many swimmers so let’s immediately try to find a place to stay: the small beach is almost all occupied so we put ourselves with the well-known “natural rock arch” behind us.

The first bath lasts almost 2 hours! The water, at the beginning low, after a few meters becomes high: we wear the mask so as to be able to see the bottom, with the little fishes, clear and transparent. We spend the day getting in and out of the water, taking pictures and being silent while admiring the nature that embraces us.

For lunch we eat fruit but, as soon as possible, we return to the water moving where the many shades of blue blend together, what a pleasure! A few meters away, along the ridge, we find several coves and in one there is a rock from which one can dive. The 7 hours spent in this cove on the Gulf of Orosei fly away and at 5.30pm we take the way back. We still have 2 liters of water each because the climb promises to be tough!

Hikers beginners

After looking back, we leave the beach and go back up the steps that lead us off the beach. Better not to think about the 2,500 meters we will have to do uphill so we leave happy and gassed by the beautiful day. Along the path we meet people who pass but, in turn, overtake us when we stop to rest. After about 20 minutes of climbing we pass two distressed adult couples: a woman, exhausted, is lying with her husband who shakes her legs in the air.

We stop one, two, three, four, five times ..

 We are sweaty, tired and growing the desire to arrive: water, laughter, some photos but then we leave again! After the fourth stop we look up and see the top of the plateau still far away: I admit it, in a moment of healthy discouragement I exclaimed “never again such a path”!

 But we are “beginner” hikers so we should enjoy the scenery more and think less about the arrival. Along the way there is a really nice and curious scene: a couple of foreign tourists are still and silent because in front of them, in a narrow part of the path, there are two immobile donkeys: we look at them and, after having mentioned a laugh , let’s move the two beasts by simply clapping your hands!

 The top of the plateau seems to never arrive and instead finally arrives! Then begins the last downhill section we do with a brisk step and, after 1 hour and 40 minutes, here we are in Su Porteddu for the well-deserved beer!

Great day: as they say “the end justifies the means!”

Massimo and Sara 

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Wonderful place, I was there some time ago, unforgettable day.
Sardinia is beautiful.


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