Deep Sweep

Deep Sweep

Being A Dive guide since 15 years i love underwater life, its like another planet, full of beautiful colors and amazing creatures.

Diving in Hurghada is a fantastic experience, the Red Sea is full of life and the dive sites are many and suitable for Recreative divers, you can experience the best visibility and colors within the 15 meter depth, there is no need to go deeper.

Like all the seas and oceans around the globe. Also the Red Sea suffer pollution, so i was very happy when i was invited to be a volunteer in the cleaning of the sea bed in Sahl Hasheesh, a very beautiful gulf located 20 km south of hurghada.

The Cleaning project

The Cleaning project, called “Deep Sweep” started in July 2019, sponsored by ERC, Hepca and Project Azraq, with around 20 really cool people , diving and cleaning the sea bed, every last Saturday of every month, in several areas in Sahl Hasheesh.

I was amazed by the briefings by Project Azraq representatives, teaching us what to collect and Not to collect underwater, in fact many piece of garbage, after long time underwater become the home of corals and other form of life, at the end will be completely colonized by the underwater nature, so we had to proceed very carefully, not to destroy what has become a new habitat for life.

Princess Leyla

They gave each one of us a pair of thick gloves and a big red net-bag, the gloves are very very important, as many piece of garbage could harm your hands if not protected, i personally collected many razors, hooks, metal rubbish very sharp, its really unbelievable what the people is throwing in the water.

The base for the “ Deep Sweep “ activity is a Fully Equipped Motor Yacht named “ Princess Leyla “ , a 28 meter long beautiful boat with 2 decks, 6 cabins, air compressor to fill the Aluminum cylinder , diving equipment, kitchen aboard and a very professional and friendly crew, Scuba house is the top for diving adventures.

At the service of the planet

Unbelievable how enriched you feel after you put yourself at the service of the planet, for free, it is something that nowadays seems somehow strange , with the speed of life that is sucking all the time and energy from everybody’s day. Was really stimulating meeting many people of different nationalities and way of life, all together doing something to improve the marine life and not just
talking about environment, actually physically being part of it.

All the rubbish we collected underwater in the 4 “ Deep Sweep” expeditions we performed until now will be shaped inside some art sculpture that will be placed in The Sahl Hasheesh promenade as a warning that our planet need care and awareness, we need to act now, and we want to leave a cleaner place for our children .


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