The contemporary world is characterized by a paradox. A general technological and social progress has led to an average quality of life superior to the past but, at the same time, has led to a productive and economic system that destroys the territories we live in.Climate change, the pollution of beaches, rivers and seas, overpopulation, today pose challenges to humans that must be addressed before it is too late.

The production of waste will increase more and more globally, and for this it is necessary to activate reduction and recycling policies, to avoid irreversible environmental consequences. The problem arises more with more persistent waste, those that do not biodegrade and are dispersed in the environment (both terrestrial and, above all, marine), where they remain for years and, in some cases, for centuries.

For this, a collective effort is needed to monitor the environmental situation and involve citizens in the protection of the most precious assets for man: nature and the environment. Everyone, in their own way, can help.We at Ajooweb are also committed to raising people’s awareness of environmental issues, because we cannot be indifferent to what is happening.

The initiative

The first initiative that we put in place, and which will accompany us throughout the month of February, will see our members engaged with shots, videos or stories to witness the environmental problems of their territories.

You will be able to highlight what is happening on the beaches, seas, rivers, woods, mountains and cities. Whether it is the place where you live or your holiday destination, far or close to home, you will be the first witness of the abuse and violence that our planet suffers every day.Ajooweb promotes this initiative to raise public awareness, we must first be the architects of our future with demonstrative and concrete actions.We ask for your participation and testimony; we also ask you to share the initiative in your social channels to give it even more visibility.

From January 31 and throughout the month of February, only photos, videos and stories that address this issue will be taken into consideration by our editorial staff, this great monster that day after day consumes and violates our territory, putting people’s health at risk and the integrity of the ecosystem.

What can you report?

The invasion of plastic on your beaches, the state of rivers, seas, mountains, degraded corners of cities, woods, countryside. You can report incorrect behavior and abuse perpetrated in the area, illegal landfills, abandoned waste; in short, any irregularity that may jump to the attentive eye of the citizen who lives in his own territory and wants to take care of it.In addition to photos and videos, stories are also welcome, so write and tell us about a particular event or situation. Your testimony will be precious for all of us.

Invite your friends to participate, organize yourself into groups, share the initiative to give it strength and give an important signal, because having a more active and aware citizenship goes through awareness raising, to move consciences and start to change our habits.We will reward our members as we have always done, but we ask for your enthusiastic participation and sharing of the initiative to involve as many people as possible.

On the first day of March, the photo that more than any other will have represented the initiative will be rewarded with an additional Bonus, which will be published in the Blog and in our social channels. We will also award prizes to the most original story and video, those that will have captured the spirit of our environmental awareness campaign more than others.

This will be the first of many projects involving the environmental theme proposed by Ajooweb to its members. We will strive to be more and more an active part in safeguarding the environment and recognize ourselves in a sensitive and active community rather than passive and disinterested.

The Ajooweb community will always be close to all the innovative initiatives and ideas that will help our planet.By sharing Ajooweb you will be able to join your voice to have more and more strength and win this great challenge together


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