Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ajooweb?

It is a community, a meeting point that unites people who love totravel sharing an idea

Your Mission?

With the help of digital technology we offer the opportunity to actively participate in the project to become a free traveler and create the largest community of travelers in the world.

How can I join?

You can sign up for free after being invited by another member of the community.

Can I invite my friends?

Yes, by inviting your friends with the Anda Project program you will receive numerous benefits.

Are there any membership limits for some countries?

No limits, the community is open to all citizens of the world.


What is SpaceOffice?

Your virtual office, the digital platform offers you numerous tools that can be managed in a single environment to simplify everyday activities while using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Chi potrà utilizzare lo SpaceOffice?

The platform is usable in any work environment and easily usable in free time.


What is Anda Project?

It is the program dedicated to travelers.

How can I participate in the program?

After joining the Ajooweb community, simply use and share the SpaceOffice to get right into the program.


What are the Anda?

It is the digital currency that is used within our community.

How can I receive the Anda?

All affiliates have the ability to generate and accumulate money with simple daily actions, simply use and share the SpaceOffice to accumulate Anda.

How many Anda can I generate and accumulate in a year?

There are no limits, everything will depend on how much you use and will share the SpaceOffice.

How can I use the accumulated Anda?

You can convert them at any time with one or more Travel Cards and buy your favorite products related exclusively to travel.


How can I use the Travel Card?

You can book and buy any travel-related product such as air and sea tickets, hotels or rent a car.

How can I request a Travel Card?

You can convert the accumulated Anda into your Wallet in one or more Travel Cards, once you have accumulated a sufficient number of Anda you can request the Card.

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