Living in Africa

The future of the Earth is in our hands

In recent years I have traveled a lot, deciding to live in Africa.
I visited many places in Africa, realizing a dream I had for a long time; to see a country that has always fascinated me.
But some I haven’t just visited …
I really lived there, mixing myself with the locals and experiencing the different feeling of being among populations with a different
culture from mine.
There is a big difference between taking a vacation, definitely visiting the area but being pampered in their resorts, living in Africa
among the people.
In each of these places I visited, the intention was not only to discover new corners of the world, but also to evaluate a possible
place to move and start over with a new life, in a warm climate and in front of a wonderful ocean.

I drop everything and I leave

So leaving work, I embarked on this adventure towards one of the closest destinations to me, Africa.
A beautiful continent, Africa, but clearly with a lower quality of life than in Italy, often characterized by extreme poverty and lack of
services, with fluctuating bureaucracies and often inefficient, but with views of an incredible charm.

It was not an easy thing to do.
I grew up having a job stability, even if not personally constructive, but that has always given me the opportunity to plan my life,
with the certainty of being able to fulfill every problem of living.
Leaving everything and leaving was a real brave header, which I will never regret having done. Africa: where do you live better?
But if I had to do a ranking, which would be among all these places, the best one to live in Africa?
There are two aspects to consider: that of the beauty of nature and that of a life made less difficult for various reasons.


Starting from the beauty of nature, and in this case of the sea, Zanzibar is undoubtedly without competitors; especially in the
South East.
The ocean around the island is something unique.
Consider that the coral reef surrounds the island and allows the formation of a lagoon of incredible clarity, rich in starfish, sea
urchins and colors that look like real stripes of nuances in all its breadth.
The big tide difference completely changes the appearance of the sea and the beach twice a day.
Furthermore, the island is literally covered with palm trees, which I adore.


The best beaches are undoubtedly in the Seychelles.
The bays, because most of the time they are bays and not long beaches, are really incredible.
The peculiarity of these islands is given by those huge rocks with particular shapes that sometimes resemble animals; marrying
with the Ocean, they give life to a breathtaking panorama that makes you feel in the earthly paradise.
The island of La Digue in this respect is undoubtedly the most beautiful. But the hinterland is also fantastic.
There are no large reliefs, but the equatorial forest composed of large trees with huge leaves and many ferns, is an interesting
and exciting journey to experience in Africa.


The hinterland of Mauritius is simply spectacular; a large well-kept tropical garden with rivers, mountains, forests, parks and waterfalls.
The beaches are not extensive and often surrounded by pine groves, but with very white sand and the classic Indian Ocean with
unforgettable colors.
Also the small islets that surround the island of Mauritius are spectacular, reachable within an hour of navigation.
Africa: where do you live better?
But in which of these places is the quality of life better?

Mauritius: quality of life

Speaking of Africa, it is Mauritius the state where one can blissfully live in Africa.
The island is very well kept and offers a land with vast tropical vegetation and coasts that overlook the Indian Ocean.
The island has the highest per capita of all the African paradises, it is this allows a population if not rich, at least less poor than many
other states; this means better security and services almost as efficient as in Europe.
The population of mixed cultural origin (although for a large Indian percentage), has led this territory to be a constant acceptance
towards every other culture.
Here one lives well, one feels accepted even in one’s own diversity.
The cost of living does not differ from the European one, but all in all it does not reach very high peaks, considering that it is still in an Eden of the Indian Ocean and with every comfort of life.

Seychelles: quality of life

The Seychelles lack some services, at least for the smaller islands. No typically African local pharmacies and hospitals.
Although many of the objects that are part of our common life can be found, the various food and non-food shops cannot be
defined as fully stocked.
Many roads are not paved and all with no light at night. Cleaning is constant, but the cost of living is very high.

Zanzibar: quality of life

It is very difficult to live in Zanzibar. The island totally lacks any service.
Perhaps it is one of the poorest tourist areas of Africa (this leads to a consideration towards the Westerner, purely linked to the
possibility of tapping money).
The cost of living is low, but consider that there are no well-paved roads, there are daily water and electricity problems, municipal
and government services are a real failure that often results in a form of theft.
The island is not clean, and often the forest and surrounding areas are an open-air dump.

Living in Africa: is it worth leaving everything and leaving?

Making this adventure was one of the most beautiful and interesting things I could do.
Visiting and living in Africa among different communities, gave me the awareness of who I am, how I want to stay and how I can become,in addition to the ability to know my own tolerance meter.

Relating with thoughts and uses so different from my own, gave me the ability to accept calmly, situations that are not congenial to me; rediscovering the determination necessary to take the road towards what makes me feel good and belongs to me.

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