My trip in Warsaw

My trip in Warsaw

Hello! My name is Natali, I love to travel, photograph and share my experiences. In this post I would like to tell you about my trip to
Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

The first thing that surprised me about this city was the Christmas air, although it was on February 1st, there were lights lit in all the streets of the center, beautiful decorations everywhere, the skating rink in Rynek Starego Miasta square and above all the still lit Christmas tree, in front of the Royal Castle.

The second thing was the climate. By now we all know that the weather conditions all over the world are changing, but I repeat, in February in Poland I never expected to find 8-10 degrees during the day, even if I always look at the weather forecast before making a trip. Having said that, it was really nice to walk inside a Christmas fairy tale with the temperature so pleasant.

The third thing I was able to observe was the lifestyle of the Polish citizens. I had the impression that they were very calm, reserved but at the same time very smiling, welcoming and helpful.

In the two days spent in Warsaw (a weekend) I was able to visit everything I had set myself, I admit I do not like visits to museums,
preferring to experience the city, enjoying the architecture of the city and typical clubs, outdoor parties and all that that the city can offer.

Arriving Saturday morning and having the return flight on Sunday evening, I decided to visit, the first day, the entire historic center (Stare Miasto), the new city (Nowe Miasto), the second day I visited the Jewish quarter (the Ghetto ) and finally the Praga district.

In the historical center, the main monuments that I have visited are:

– Castle square, Is the main and most important square, in which the Royal Castle is located, which is the official residence of the Polish monarchs, it is a beautiful and perfectly rebuilt building after the war. Here there is also the column of Sigismund, one of the symbols of the city. Today I meet the inhabitants.

– Market Square, the heart of the historic center, is a beautiful square surrounded by ancient colorful and very particular buildings. At the center of this square is the legendary statue of the Little Mermaid, who has sworn since time immemorial to defend the city and its inhabitants.

– Barbican, an ancient defensive structure erected in 1548 with the aim of protecting access to the city itself. Personally, I liked it a lot, I took several photos here.


Leaving Barbican I found myself in the New City, which was founded in the 14th century and remained an independent city until the 18th century, when it was joined to the Old City. The main street of the New Town is Ulica Freta, with many historical and local monuments, continuing you arrive in the Market Square of the New Town.

On Sunday I visited:

– The Ghetto, which has particularly affected history. The path of the Via della Memoria is marked by 16 granite blocks commemorating the 450,000 Jews killed inside the Warsaw ghetto and the heroes of the uprising.

– The Prague district, which despite being reputed to be illfamed is decidedly unsafe, visiting it I had absolutely no impression, despite this area being degraded and left to drift in the post-war communist institutions, today this neighborhood is developing and attracts many curious tourists like me from what the neighborhood has to offer. I completely fell in love with the many murals, each one particularly and unique.

Ah, I forgot, to move from one neighborhood to another I used
the electric scooter (fast, comfortable and very fun).

stayed at the “Bellotto” hotel, very nice, located in the heart of the historic center, very convenient especially for those like me who come to Warsaw for the weekend and want to optimize travel times.

Last thing to add is where and what to eat in Warsaw. I’m a big eater and this is my favorite part !!!

I absolutely recommend “Specjaly Regional”, it is a typical and very nice restaurant, with fresh flowers on the tables, welcoming with excellent quality and service. I ate the soup served in “Zurek” bread (sour taste, with boiled egg), the mixed dish of “pierogi” (similar to handmade ravioli with different fillings).

Another restaurant is “U Szwejka”, the waitresses wear traditional costumes here, the location is very nice and the portions are abundant. I ate “Placki ziemniaczane” are potato pancakes, they are fried and covered with a mushroom sauce, served with fresh vegetables. I liked them a lot.

To have breakfast or simply for a coffee break, I highly recommend the “Pozegnanie z Afryka” (my Africa), a place that is not exactly tradition but with its charm, which is worth discovering. This was my short but intense experience in Warsaw. The only advice I would like to give you is LIVE the city a little less as a tourist.

Have a good trip.

Natalia Dovhalyuk

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