we will make you travel without limits

After having dedicated a space to the stories and photos of your travels, a new resource is about to arrive in your SpaceOffice,
we will offer you the opportunity to also share your videos to travel in an alternative way. You will discover how easy it is to
travel without using your credit card or other payment systems traditional.

Your Videos

You can use the videos on your Youtube channel, just send us the link ( of a maximum length of 8 minutes and after verification we will provide to publish it in the Blog and in our social channels.


With the sharing of your videos in our channels you can have more visibility, our entire community of travelers will be able to follow you and even reach your YouTube channel.

Your adventures

Share the most original videos, those that can arouse more curiosity among our travelers, take back your adventures,
travel by boat, camper, motorcycle, car, solo, group, walk, take back everything you can give emotions.

Travel by sharing

Sharing with Ajooweb will offer you the opportunity to travel around the world, for each video that will be shared
on our platform you can earn up to 30 Anda credits (€ 30) and you can use them together with our Travel Card
for your next trips. You can manage your credits in your e-wallet and at any time you can buy airline tickets,
book hotels and more.

For any information you can write to us at: our team will answer your questions.

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