By joining the Ajooweb family you will find numerous solutions to guarantee your business constant growth over time, following the indications and suggestions of our team, you will have a reliable partner at your side, always present at all times with tools and resources that can guarantee your success. We don’t just offer advertising and promotion for your business, we offer you an opportunity for the development and growth of your company by privileging your role as an absolute protagonist.


By registering a Free Basic profile you can access your private area and activate the Banner that best suits your needs. You will find all the necessary information to learn more and get a complete overview to start your journey.


Promote your business by activating the Banner, an advertising space dedicated to you in our Ajooweb showcase, you can choose the size of the Banner and the duration of the subscription.(From 30 days up to 12 months).


By clicking on the Banner the user will come directed to your website and if you do not have it we will be the one to open a new web page dedicated to your business.


After completing the activation of the banner, you will receive a free Adventure or Island account, with the use of the SpaceOffice you will have a tool that will allow you to manage your activities and build customer loyalty.


Invite other entrepreneurs to the Ajooweb circuit, you will have the opportunity to receive up to 300 Anda (€ 300) for the activation of each new
single advertising banner.


You will be able to manage a personal digital wallet where you can accumulate and keep Anda credits on a daily basis, at any time you can withdraw them by requesting a bank transfer.

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