There has never probably been a better time to become a virtual traveler than now.
We’re all stuck in a forced quarantine, wondering how the world will turn once the global pandemic will be ended.
We left our usual routines to build new ones, enclosed in a few walls.
Have you ever paid attention to the way the sunlight gently filter through the windows and it’s almost near to touch it?
Did you ever notice how your neighbor choreographically waters the plants?
Or, even, have you ever focused on every single lyric of one of your favorite songs??
Most likely, no one of us did all of this staff, till now at least.
Since the moment we’re born, we are catapulted into a fast, dynamic world and we are taught about how to be proficient,
competitive human beings.
None the less, we raise persuaded that we have no time to waste, and that we need to: – be focused on our professional career.
– Have a family plan
– Discover creative hobbies
– Be ready to conquer our stand in society That’s it.
But, what about “doing nothing”?
We have never been trained to that. Definitely, not.
Once, during my journey to Brasil, someone told me that life is also doing nothing, standing still to await. This is also part of our
lives, but we can’t or we don’t want to accept it. Is it true??
Apparently, it is because we need to move, to feel we’re producing and contributing to something greater, that we’re useful and
the world needs us.
But, look around…we abandoned public spaces, everything we have built, and the planet is moving forward.

I’ve been watching videos of empty places around the world and it’s like having a look at what the future might look like after we
are gone. Places built for humans, without humans. It’s clear that the foreseeable future cannot go on as normal. We’re
experiencing facade social distancing while, in reality, most of us are facing solitude.
Therefore, we’re getting into new interests, cultivating new skills, working out to stay healthy, meanwhile, we’re debating about
an unknown destiny.
In the same way, we’re keeping to plan our next trips and adventures. Fair’s fair.
As for me, I got stuck right during the realization of my new life project. I mean, literally, during the process.
I made it in time to catch a plane and get to the sunny southern Spain, where I have a brand new segment of life ready to be
developed, and that is suspended in a sort of faraway space with no time! How frustrating!
So, I ended up in a different country, where I am obliged to observe a quarantine period, by myself, with my family at miles away.
However, as luck would have it, I got a win-win situation. But this is another story.
Then, how is relocating during a global emergency?
Well, as you can imagine, it’s not easy at all. Picture someone who has packed his/her staff, with the excitement of a new
beginning around the corner, being pushed in that corner with any of his/her projects in the hands…devastating. Nothing to be
blamed for, of course, but sadly intense anyway.
I had just learned the current vocabulary (such as flattening the curve) and, immediately after, the doors shut down with my
dream on the other side.
No doubt, I will retake it once the pandemic will become a memory, nevertheless, the limbo of time is disturbing.
The virus disaster is going on in slow motion, many people are canceling their travel plans, many others are dying. Someone is
questioning his/her existence, while someone else is just sitting waiting.

I locked me in a cocoon with a bunch of uncertainty, interrogating about the reason why people feel the urge to buy a crazy
amount of toilet paper, while the neighbors of the block applaud every day at 8 pm from their house rooftops and I am shocked
by the beauty of sunsets over the sea!
Accordingly, I’m rebuilding my daily life in a slop of confusing feelings and emotions, like everyone else. I always try to
genuinely appreciate I’m alive and I have one more chance to make my dreams true; I focus on positive thoughts, e.g. the Earth
is finally breathing after years of havocs and abuses. And I also keep trying to model a renovated me.

I was doing this over my all life, but now it’s amplified. What isn’t it?

Basically, I have taken myself and brought everything I am to another place, to watch the world from a terrace, on a sound of
the time that seems to not pass, and waiting. Waiting to reschedule my projects, waiting to live.
Thoughts are freer to arise and occupy the mind. Despite this, sometimes I don’t think about anything and just enjoy the cool
breeze coming from the sea.
I definitely feel like I didn’t actually relocate yet. For a backpacker with an obsession for the value of time, like me, is extremely
difficult to delay projects, because it means also postponing the trips.
As challenging as it is, I wake up every single morning thinking that the day I can go out to explore the city and to begin my
project is approaching. I have to figure it out, to help myself to go through this scary situation, to motivate myself and those next
to me to write a new chapter.
I quite constantly think about traveling; I’m adapting to be a virtual traveler (let me say that the times I thought how lucky we are
about living in the advanced technology era are countless!) and I’m enjoying the Google street view/ Google Earth
entertainment. I mainly do it to remind myself the world is still out there and I still have the opportunity to continue to walk it.

We won’t probably take flights for a long while and we’re getting used to repeating “life is not going to be the same as before”.
For sure it won’t, but not necessarily in a negative sense.
Many of us are reading travel blogs as they were the Holy Bible of a new religion, to not forget how moving around is, to not
forget how traveling makes us feel.
In fact, we should do the same to not neglect the mix of colors existence is plenty of and to bear in mind life is a finger snap.
Quarantine time is hard, not because it stops us to travel, to relocate, or to live our dreams. It’s hard because brings us face to
face with our fears and limits, and it forces us to not ignore them, as well as to not give the cold shoulder to our messy

Noemi Russo

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