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The terms and conditions contained in the present document as well as every right and service offered from ajooweb.com are a property of the STRATEGY INNOVATION WA LIMITED, 5 th Floor 22 Eastcheap, London (England) EC3M 1EU. Company No. 09690916. These general conditions of contract define the rights and responsibilities of ajooweb.com and of his affiliates. Every affiliate commits without reserve to respecting every term and condition of this present document.



www.ajooweb.com will provide the client with the services specified in the contract, against the payment of a fee, under the conditions of the Contract and in respect of the current legislation.



To obtain an account on ajooweb.com, the user has to insert the information required by the website ajooweb.com form and register. To protect all of the personal information of all the members on ajooweb.com, the access to the data is protected by a password and the sensitive data (like the credit card information) are protected by SSL cryptography when they are exchanged through web browsers and the ajooweb.com.

To protect the data memorized by the members on our servers, we regularly up-date our system researching possible vulnerabilities and we use a secure access data center. It’s the affiliate’s responsibility to protect his access data safety (username and password). Please note that emails, instant messaging and other analogue communication means used to contact other users are not encrypted. We strongly ask not to share any reserved information through these means. This privacy policy violation of information is the affiliate’s only responsibility.

To sign up and activate subscription to ajooweb.com, you can register for free and use the SpaceOffice BASIC for 90 days, at any time you can update your position with another ADVENTURE and ISLAND profile.

At the end of the 90 days with the BASIC profile you can renew the subscription by activating a SpaceOffice ADVENTURE or ISLAND, you will not be able to renew the same BASIC subscription.

A – SpaceOffice ADVENTURE you can activate it with an annual subscription with an amount of € 99.

B – SpaceOffice ISLAND you can activate it with an annual subscription with an amount of € 299.

C – SpaceOffice ISLAND you can also activate it with a monthly subscription with an amount of € 29.90.

Following the expiration of the ISLAND monthly subscription plan, this plan is automatically renewed based on the same terms as the original purchase. You can disable automatic renewal at any time before the renewal date through your account settings. The User explicitly grants Ajooweb the right to charge the costs for each automatic renewal until the User disables the automatic renewal or voluntarily activates the annual subscription. At any time you can update your profile and activate the annual subscription with € 299.

The affiliate at the expiration of the ADVENTURE subscription can renew by choosing a new ADVENTURE or ISLAND subscription while at the expiry of the ISLAND subscription he can renew exclusively with a new ISLAND subscription. If the affiliate does not renew the subscription on expiry, he will lose all the rights and benefits accumulated up to that moment, the account will be closed.



The affiliate will use the services offered by ajooweb.com in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and what is stated in the contract. The affiliate will not be able to allow any third party using the Services, even partially, or for a fee or free of charge, or will sell them to third parties, without expressed permission written by ajooweb.com. The affiliate will use the Services following the criteria of good faith and fairness, refraining from achieving other benefits than those connected to the normal Services’ fruition. It is forbidden to alter the Ajooweb logo. It is forbidden to use the Ajooweb logo improperly or to associate it with other lo- gos. Ajooweb is exempted from liability with respect to the services offered by third parties and to reported businesses (disclaimer). The improper use of the landing page is forbidden. If the affiliate does not comply, the company will notify the associated by recalling him to comply with the above. A further failure to comply will result in cancellation of the account.

Uploading Content By uploading Images, stories or videos to the ajooweb.com, you grant and authorize Ajooweb to use, download, modify, copy or adapt the Images, stories and videos for any purpose commercial. Ajooweb reserves the right to decide which content (Images, videos and stories) to use and buy, the affiliate will not be able to contest in any way the decisions made by Ajooweb which will be unquestionable.


As sole responsible for the Content you upload.

You warrant that: you own all proprietary rights in the Content you upload to the Website and that the Content does not infringe the copyright, property right, trademark or other applicable rights of any third parties. Ajooweb cannot be held responsible for the acts or omissions of its users, including any misuse or abuse of any content you upload. We also reserve the right to remove any content at any time and for any reason, including if we believe it’s defective, of poor quality, or in violation of these Terms.

Ajooweb offers its affiliates the opportunity to send images, stories and videos through its website ajooweb.com, the contents received if deemed suitable can be purchased and used for commercial use. Each profile can send a minimum and maximum number which may vary based on the personal profile and the minimum requirements achieved. Ajooweb reserves the right to evaluate which are suitable and only after careful evaluation can it send a fee in Anda credits in the affiliate’s personal wallet. The affiliate will have no right to request and claim a compensation for the content sent, it will be an unquestionable prerogative of Ajooweb to evaluate which content is suitable for receiving a compensation. (Images, videos and stories)



ajooweb.com does not guarantee that the information on the site, the services and products provided are reliable source of income. Our services are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. The potential earning is enti- rely dependent on the person choosing them.

ajooweb.com will not be liable for damage caused to affiliates as a result of pro- longed interruptions, delays, or malfunction of the Services caused by

the affiliate or third parties or employees or dependent on chance circumstance or due to force majeure or dependent on technical factors. Ajooweb will not be liable for damage caused by manumissions or interventions on the Service performed by the affiliate meaning by third parties that are not authorized by ajooweb.com.

It is understood that ajooweb.com will not be liable for damages resulting to the affiliate, caused by activities and / or government decisions and / or Public Administration, by measures of the judicial or regulatory authority that inhibit the sup- ply of Services.



ajooweb.com can vary the Contract for sudden technical, economic and Management issues. ajooweb.com may also change the Contract for amendments to the decrees of law and / or regulations.

The changes referred to in the preceding paragraph that are not required by law or regulation which result in an improvement and / or worsening of the contractual position of the affiliate will be effective only after the expiry of the term of 3 (three) days from the date of communication to the affiliate.



After the BASIC registration activated in ajooweb.com you can use the platform (SpaceOffice) for free for a period of 90 days. If the affiliate wants to continue using the SpaceOffice, he / she must activate the annual or monthly subscription by choosing from those listed:

– SpaceOffice ADVENTURE you can activate it for 12 months by paying € 99 with a credit card or with Vouchers.
– SpaceOffice ISLAND you can activate it for 12 months by paying € 299 with a credit card or with Vouchers.

– The SpaceOffice ISLAND can also be activated with a monthly subscription with the amount of € 29.90.



Any other cases of termination provided for by contract or by law not affected, ajooweb.com may terminate this Agreement, in whole or in part, by notice in writing via email to the affiliate.


For disputes that may arise between the affiliate and ajooweb.com, before taking legal action, you must bring the conciliation bodies through mediation / conciliation. To this purpose the body of mediation enabled the jurisdiction of the state of England, based in London is previously designated.


The Privacy Policy describes how webajoo.com uses and protects the personal information of the affiliates. “Personal information” means information that can be associated to a specific person and that allows identification. We do not consider personal information the information rendered anonymous or aggregate that cannot be used in combination with other information or in any other way, to identify a specific user.

ajooweb.com has as main commitment to serve its customers by providing a safe and private browsing. To protect the personal information of all members of ajooweb.com, access to the data is password protected and sensitive data (such as credit card information) are protected by SSL encryption when it is exchanged between the browser and ajooweb.com web portal. To protect the data stored on our servers by members, we regularly update our system for possible vulnerabilities and use a data center for secure access.

It is the affiliate’s responsibility to protect the safety of its access data (username and password). Please note that emails, instant messages and other similar means of communication used to contact other users are not encrypted. We ask everyone to refrain from sharing confidential information through these means. Violation of this policy of confidentiality of information is the sole responsibility of the affiliate. By accepting the Privacy Policy the affiliate agrees that his personal data is acquired, used, disclosed and retained in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy. We may change this Privacy Notice by providing users with a 30-day notice. All changes will be available on this website. In addition, the user will receive a communication on any changes via email.



The owner of the data will be the STRATEGY INNOVATION WA LIMITED, 5 th Floor 22 Eastcheap, London (England) EC3M 1EU Company No. 09690916



You can browse through the website or related sites without revealing your identity or communicating your personal information. If you register an account on the site providing us with your personal information, you are no longer an anonymous user. If you choose to provide your personal information, you give consent to the transfer and storage of the data in our server at the Singapore. We collect the following types of personal information to allow you to use and access to our website, apps, tools and services, to personalize and improve your experience and for advertising purposes. ajooweb.com collects information in several ways. In the first phase of registration, we ask for information such as name, nationality, email address and choice of username. Once you submit this information we will ask you to validate with the confirmation of your email, the affiliate will receive an email with the login to the portal and its back office staff inside which can customize his user profile. ajooweb.com collects information using cookies, which are small files that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. This information allows us to automatically link our customers to their personal accounts. The vast majority of web browsers automatically accept cookies. Please check the guidelines of your browser if you want to prevent cookies from being saved on your hard drive. ajooweb.com is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We do not sell, share or spread this information to others in a different way from the one stated in this declaration. The information is collected for the sole purpose of providing the ajooweb.com services.



We can give you the opportunity to connect to our sites or to use apps, tools and services via a mobile device, a mobile app or a website optimized for mobile de- vices. The instructions of this Privacy Policy to affiliates are valid for all types of access to the sites and mobile use by mobile devices. In all apps or mobile web- sites optimized for mobile devices it will be referred to this Privacy Notice for the affiliates.



When you get access to our sites, use our apps, our tools and our services, or when you interact with our advertising or our content, we automatically acquire the information sent from your computer, from your mobile device or any other access device. This information is associated to your person only if you sign in as a registered user and they include:

ID or unique identifier of the device, type of device, connection information and from your computer, statistics on page views, traffic in and out from the sites, referring URL, advertising data, IP address and standard login formation, and anonymous information acquired through the use of cookies.



We acquire and save the information you enter on our website or sent to you du- ring your use of our website, app, services or tools. Such content may include: information provided during the registration of an account, including your email address, phone number, mobile phone number, contact information, and (depending on the service used) financial information, such as those relating to credit card or the account number;

other information provided through social media or services;

transactional information based on your activity on the site (for example provision of services linked to your account);

shipping, billing and other information you provide to purchase services; information provided as part of the discussions of the Community, the chat session, correspondence through our website; the additional personal

information required to confirm the identity or in the case of an alleged violation of the rules of the site (for example, we may ask you to send a copy of a document or bill to verify your address or respond to online requests to verify your identity or owner- ship of an item for sale).



When you download or use our mobile apps or access the site optimized for mo- bile devices, we can acquire information about you and your mobile device, as mentioned earlier in these conditions. They may include location information, which we can use to provide services available in your area, such as advertising, search results, and other custom content, based on the authorization provided by you and your device. Many mobile devices allow you to control or disable services in the setup menu of the device. If you have questions about how to turn off location services on your device, you should contact your wireless service provider or the manufacturer of your device.

We will require your consent before acquiring sensitive personal information in the case of use of our apps or of access to our sites via a mobile device.



On the basis of the consent provided by you, and in accordance with current regulations and this Privacy Policy for affiliates, we may use your personal information to: send you information about the site, apps, services and Ajooweb web tools; provide targeted marketing and promotional offers based on the present notification preferences; and customize, measure and improve the offers, according to your preferences. We do not sell nor do we examine under remuneration your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent. We can combine your personally identifiable information that we collect from other sources and use them to enhance and customize the advertising and marketing messages that we send you.



If you no longer wish to receive marketing and promotional communications from ajooweb.com, you can specify your preferences for notification directly on the site, or during our exchange of direct communications.

If you do not want to participate in our programs personalization of advertising, you can decide to forbid us to use your information to send personalized advertising by following the instructions provided in the advertisements or directly on the site.

If you withdraw your consent to the use or the disclosure of your personal information for other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy for users, you will not be able to access our website, apps or instruments nor we can provide some or all of the services and customer support offered to our users and authorized on the basis of this Privacy Policy.



We may disclose personal information to meet legal requirements, enforce our policies, respond to claims for a possible violation of the rights of others through a listing or protect the rights, property or safety of any other person. These data will be released only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We will not disclose your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent.



It is possible to share with:

– Other companies to provide joint content and services (like registration, transactions), which allow you to detect and prevent potentially illegal activities and violations of our rules, and to allow you to take decisions regarding services, sites, apps, tools and communications. The other partner companies can use this in- formation to send marketing communications only if you accepted the services. They will use your personal information in accordance with the privacy rules applicable and our privacy rules;

– Service providers with whom we have stipulated contracts that help us in carry- ing out our activities (for example, investigation of fraud, acquisition of invoices, affiliate programs and loyalty, credit cards issued by various operators).

– Other third parties who you request explicitly to send your data to (even in the case of notice and express acceptance of the sending for the use of a specific service).

Agencies or public safety organizations or authorized third parties, in response to a verified request related to a criminal investigation or criminal activity or any other activity that may expose our organization, your own person or any other ajooweb.com user to legal liability. In these cases, we will disclose relevant and necessary information for the investigation or proceedings, like the name, city, state or province, postal code, phone number, email address, User ID history, the IP address.



In order to protect our affiliates and ensure the long-term success and growth of ajooweb.com we put into effect a zero tolerance policy towards the spamming. Junk mail (spam) is an unsolicited commercial email. In the event that you send spam mail to people without their permission, you risk the immediate cancellation of the account. To report spam or spoof emails concerning ajooweb.com to ajooweb.com, send an email to info@ajooweb.com. Make sure to set your notification preferences to enable us to communicate with you in the way you want.

You cannot add to the distribution list (email or postal mail) other affiliates ajooweb.com without their explicit consent. You cannot use the tools of notification to send spam or other content that may violate our agreement for affiliates. We analyze messages automatically and can filter them manually to detect cases of spam, viruses, phishing and other dangerous or illegal activity or prohibited con- tent, and we do not store permanently the messages sent through these tools. ajooweb.com must delete from their mailing list the addresses that have requested it, who do not wish to receive any more messages and who have requested the cancellation. These emails should be deleted. ajooweb.com reserves the right to take legal action against any subscriber who fails to comply with these policies.



Your password is the key to your account. Use unique numbers, letters and special characters and do not reveal your password to others. If you share

your pas- sword or your personal information with others, remember that you will be responsible for all actions taken with your account. If you lose control of your pas- sword, you may lose substantial control of your personal information and be subject to legally binding activity made on your behalf. Therefore, if your password is no longer a secret for any reason, you must warn ajooweb.com immediately and change it. You can view, analyze, and change most of your personal information by logging in ajooweb.com. Update your personal information promptly if it changes or if it is not correct.



We save and process your personal information on our servers in the Singapore. We protect your information using physical, technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Among the various security systems we use firewalls, data encryption, physical access controls to our data center and controls for authorizing access to information.



On your request and in accordance with the provisions of this section, we will close your account and, as soon as possible, we will remove your personal in- formation so that it will be no longer visible. The removal will be based on the status of your account and in accordance with the rules in force. We can also close or disable inactive accounts or accounts used in violation of our Agreement for affiliates.

In general, personal data relating to closed or inactive accounts will be deleted or made anonymous as soon as possible after the closing or disabling. In certain situations we may retain personal data relating to accounts closed or inactive for a period of time longer. These cases provide for the prevention of fraud, the receipt of fees that are due, dispute resolution, or any other action permitted by law. In such cases, this information will be retained for the time necessary to per- form the operations and to ensure compliance with applicable regulations.


5 th Floor 22 Eastcheap, London (England) EC3M 1EU

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