The currency of travelers

The currency of travelers (Anda)

Having a personal wallet where you can accumulate the Anda (virtual currency) on a daily basis is what you can receive yourself after joining the Ajooweb community. It is not a crypto coin (Anda) but rather a virtual currency that can be used exclusively within our community to buy any product or service related to travel.
If you love traveling for tourism or business trips, it will be an excellent solution to manage your finances because you can use the Anda accumulated in your wallet at any time throughout the year and buy your favorite products.
The Andes can use them to top up your Travel Cards and use them to buy airline tickets for any destination or book your hotel in any city in the world, you can rent a car in New York or Sydney or book your favorite cruise in the Caribbean.
(You will not receive rewards for your activities but you will decide what to buy with the accumulated Anda)

What characteristic distinguishes our currency?
You will always be the one to generate the currency with the daily actions, use the platform (SpaceOffice) will allow you to generate and accumulate the Andes on a daily basis while managing your emails or using social networks, when you use video chat or web conference. (these are just some examples)
There are no limits and there will never be limits, you can accumulate the Anda credits every day using the tools you have available based on the profile you have acquired (BASIC or ADVENTURE) or sharing the idea with your friends.

Creating a wallet is simple because the registration is Free, chinque can activate a BASIC profile and start immediately to generate their own coins to become a great traveler. Imagine having a new wallet where you can tap at any time and leave for any destination.

With Ajooweb traveling will become a fashion.