Credit Anda


For the first time you too can generate a mometa and accumulate it in your electronic wallet. Anda is a virtual currency that with your daily actions you can earn daily while using your smartphone or tablet.
You can generate it using the Ajooweb platform while you spend your days at work or during your free time.

How will you use the Anda?
You can use them to travel, to travel all over the world, you can buy a plane ticket to Sydney or Buenos Aires, you can book your favorite hotel in Rome or Cape Town, instead if you prefer to cruise you can book a Caribbean cruise or in the Mediterranean, these are just a few examples of what you can do with your new traveler currency.

How much will you travel?
With the Andes you can travel without limits anywhere in the world and for as long as you want.

If you also want to generate Anda subscribe for free to the Ajooweb community and become a great traveler.
Ajooweb Team