The great challenge


Ajooweb was born to offer the opportunity to travel to anyone who wants it and can do it anywhere in the world with a unique way that distinguishes us, can do it for free.
For free?
Yes, this is our challenge and with the contribution of our affiliates can be won because the power and power of sharing can overcome every obstacle.
Ajooweb is a community of travelers, a community of people who love to travel and overcome the biggest challenges.

Ajooweb makes available to affiliates (travelers) a platform of digital tools and with its use and sharing of the idea will allow us to generate a currency (Anda) within the community. (It is not a crypto coin)
You can only use it to buy products related to travel such as: buy air tickets, book hotels, book and travel by cruise ship and more.
You can travel and stay in any continent and you will have no spending limits, during the year you can accumulate any amount and use it at any time and this will depend exclusively on you.

The platform (SpaceOffice) will offer you many tools to manage your daily activities and you can do it from smartphones, tablets and laptops.
You will not have to change your habits because you will continue to use your favorite social network channels or send emails as you have always done but you will be able to generate credits as well as other services or tools while using them through our platform.
The uniqueness of the platform is precisely this and emerges with its use generating Anda credits that we can accumulate daily not only with use but also with sharing.

When you reach at least 100 Anda you can use them to top up your Ajooweb Travel Card that you will receive within 48/72 hours of recharge and you can use it on the websites of our trusted partners for your favorite purchases. (international partners)
Use and share to travel for free.