The soul of Incredible India

The soul of Incredible India

Five best places to visit in Odisha

Rajhans island  – A three hour drive from the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneshwar, took me to Satpada,which is a small village situated near the Sea mouth Of Chilika lake in Odisha. Then in one and a half hour boat drive,I reached a small island called Rajhans island. In Rajhans nature camp Eco toursism Odisha has built Swiss luxurious Tents perfectly located in this serene island just on the banks of the Chilika lake.

On the way to the island enjoy the pristine water of the lake where the sightings of the Irrawady dolphins are also frequent.

At the rear side of the resort one can take a 5 minute walk to the sea beach through the casuarina forests. Travelers seeking to watch the numerous migratory birds in Chilika lake Odisha can take the the help of the local boatmen at an extra cost of Rs 1500 and sail for an extra 2 to 3 hours in the lake in early morning hours.

Bhanjanagar Nature camp – Bhanjanagar eco nature camp is situated just beside the reservoir of Bhanjanagar dam which is 175 km from the capital of Odisha. I quickly chalked out some places to visit on the way to take advantage of this road trip across rural villages of Nayagarh and Ganjam district.

My first spot to explore from Odisha’s nature tourism was a completely unknown place called Baghua dam. The panoramic view of the car blue sky and ifs reflection of the clean water of the reservoir is a treat to watch.

The Eastern ghats surrounding the reservoir creates a majestic landscape and an ideal backdrop for photography.I was blessed with a relevant opportunity to watch a breathtaking sunrise when I visited the nature camp in Bhanjanagar dam where I witnessed one of the most breathtaking sunrises in my lifetime.

What makes the nature camp of eco-tourism Odisha best is, its relevant location just on the banks of the reservoir for which we can easily watch a beautiful sunrise in the early morning. Besides that the Beleswar temple and Budhakol temple are other spots to visit.

Jiranga – The white pagodas and the color full prayer flags have been delicately set up in an elevated land on the mountains for which the tall pagodas and the fluttering flags can be seen from a distance as one approaches this town surrounded by hills.

Just as we enter the village ,the vast open valley welcomes us with these beautiful white structures that fits in for a perfect photogenic spot Jiranga and Chandragiri together constitute a major and the only Buddhist
settlement in Odisha.

While Chandragiri consists the main monastery where several monks reside peacefully in their Buddhist culture;Jiranga has a huge park where one can see several pagodas and prayer flags decorating the landscape amidst
the Eastern Ghats.

Astaranga beach – Astaranga beach is a major site for the Olive Ridley turtles and so the beach is always guarded by a forest government office. The backwater from the sea create numerous ponds in the localities which help the local fishermen to breed lobsters and fishes in the monsoon lakes.

The drive through the rural villages and then stopping in front of a park surrounded by casuarina trees gives us an exhilarating experience of a countryside beach which still remains unexplored even to people
of Odisha. Till now the beach looks very clean and the waves are much wild owing to the strong winds
blowing in this part of Odisha.

An eager traveller finds everything sufficient enough to enlighten his mind by visiting this historical place. Sitabinj has an amazing history which dates back to the primitive age of human settlement in this remote area of Odisha.

It is believed that Sita ,wife of Rama lived here while in exile giving birth to her two sons Luv and Kush.

The evidence of such early civilization can be seen in the form of Fresco paintings discovered by the Archaeological society of India.It is believed that the fresco paintings have been drawn by the primitive human beings using colors from dye and leaves of plants.

The paintings are drawn on the surface of a rock which is perfectly balanced on top of a boulder. The ASI has also excavated remains of an early culturem and a temple, dating back to the age of Ramayana. Besides such rich historical evidences, this village boasts of of an unique landform in our country.

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