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Uses and take it with you By using the services you have available in your back office, you can manage your business or your hobby to improve the results and be able to have more and more services in one place. Our goal is to facilitate the work of each of you and to simplify the daily action. If you work with a team and provide the right tools for their growth, you can also get you the desired results in less time, help those who have the skills to achieve their goals and they will be forever grateful for your advice.
Using and sharing services that are available to you will provide the benefits of many advantages and rewards. Sharing SpaceOffice means being able to use our services for free & this is one of our goals. Discover day by day the updates that will arrive in the near future to provide even more opportunities for our affiliates.

Find out how you can travel around the world without limits

Travel To be free

And one of the Ajooweb project programs of which we are most proud of, and we are sure will generate a lot of enthusiasm from our community and give it a strong force. It was for work, business, cultural and scientific interest or pure sense of adventure, the man has always felt the need to travel, to explore, to discover new places and people. This need is felt even more now that the world has become smaller and the information, including distant places, is available faster and faster. Traveling is a way to pause our daily lives, get away from city routine and work. For most of the people the need to know new people and new cultures deals with curiosity, which has become an imperative that only economic limits prevent from fully meeting. Why travel? It means to be free.
In these years we have worked to realize the dream of thousands of people in the world, a dream that we first had: To be free to travel.
To this we added to the SpaceOffice (tools used in our platform) also the program Travel Anda. When the idea Ajooweb was born it was clear early on that it had to create a project that had among its components of the programs such that were supposed to invoke enthusiasm and interest from all parts of planet.
We felt it was better to give the opportunity to those who would use our platform to freely travel the world. The double spaceOffice / Travel Anda makes Ajooweb project a powerful and fascinating mix. Just use and share with friends or acquaintances SpaceOffice to come right in Project Travel Anda.

Anda, the only currency in the world dedicated to travelers

Our digital currency

Everyone who uses our services (SpaceOffice) and share our project with friends will earn Credit Anda, which you can turn into airline tickets or book your favorite holiday through the platforms of our partners and reach your destinations. In this way we have created a simple system that can afford to travel to any part of the world accumulating Credit Anda. All this does not require special technical skills, simply use and share the project with other friends to turn the dream into reality.

Share to travel and travel by sharing, this is our philosophy.

You can easily achieve the goals for traveling the world using the services you will find in our portal (SpaceOffice) or share it with your friends to be rewarded with tickets and more.
How easy is this?
After activating your personal SpaceOffice immediately you can use our platform and start collecting Credits that you can see in real time; plus accumulate them in person  you will avail yourself of the strength of your team, because you will also receive the Credits by all your team members, whenever you use it or SpaceOffice promote it with their friends.
You can book an air ticket at any time and pay it with Anda credits


The desire to travel is the dreams of millions of people. Already just the thought of traveling the world makes us feel good. I am one of many who annually move from side to side of the planet to spend a vacation period or as a lifestyle choice, spend much of the year year around the world but there are certainly more of those that for particular conditions can not afford any kind of travel, or who would like to travel more but they can not, or do not. They can reach the goal that they dream of visiting. With Ajooweb we wanted to create something special, something simple that can help all users of our platform to easily reach all destinations of their dream. Sharing and talking about this opportunity with people you meet while traveling, you can also create a great traveler community

Travel Without Limits

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After registering you can use the SpaceOffice with all its tools, share the idea with friends and travel around the world without limits..

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