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Would you like to live a new life experience traveling for free without limits all over the world? Ajooweb is a meeting point for all the people who love to travel, a community for free travelers and offers this opportunity to all its members with the use of a new digital platform. (SpaceOffice)

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You will have many tools and services at your disposal that can help you simplify the management of your daily activities while using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and you can also benefit from our programs that will allow you to generate our virtual currency 365 days a year, the first currency designed exclusively for travelers around the world. (Anda)

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without limits all over the world

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How will you generate Anda credits

While doing your daily digital activities you will have the possibility with our platform to generate Anda credits and at any time you can view your available amount in the e-wallet. Communicate through your social network channels, your e-mail or video chat, browse with major search engines like Google or Yahoo and use many other tools and to generate new credits every day. These are just a few examples of how you can receive numerous benefits while using the SpaceOffice, your virtual office

Where and how can you travel?

You can buy airline tickets for any national and international destination, book hotels in any city in the world, rent a car, book your favorite cruise and more. There will be no limits and you can travel where and whenever you want by using the Anda you have accumulated in your electronic wallet and our Travel Cards.

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Here are some testimonials from travelers who used Anda credits and the Travel Card to book their trips.

My first booking was a plane ticket, it was purchased using the Anda credits I had accumulated in my electronic wallet and today I continue to generate Anda credits every day. My next trip will be to Europe and everything will be paid for with the Anda, our currency.

Paulo R. (Argentina)

I booked a double room in a hotel in Rome and paid with the Ajooweb Travel Card. Right now I am collecting other credits to use them for a new booking for a cruise in the Mediterranean. My experience is truly incredible, I am very satisfied with what the project is giving me.

Luca P. (Italia)

Initially I had some doubts but with the passage of time I changed my mind, it was great to share this idea with friends and use the platform every day. I highly recommend Ajooweb because you can finally travel without using your money

Jessica A. (Colombia)

My first experience was extremely positive, I approached with great enthusiasm and was rewarded for my commitment. I booked a plane ticket for 2 people and also the hotel in Miami, Florida.

Thanks Ajooweb

Green T. (Usa)

The community of travelers

To start your journey as a traveler, join the community for free, you will immediately receive your first 10 Anda as a gift (Value € 10) and you can use the SpaceOffice Basic for free for 12 months.

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